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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing asylum intake questions

Instructions and Help about asylum intake questions

Good afternoon my name is Alina shot Sava I am an immigration attorney from Brooklyn New York this video is about how to prepare for your salim interview in the united states if you filed asylum and you're not in the court immigration court you will be called for an interview with an asylum office in asylum office you will meet an asylum officer very often that person has training but it's not an attorney that person is going to ask you in the form of a conversation usually to tell them about your case and will determine your eligibility for Sam so how do you prepare for this well first of all if you file for asylum in the United States you probably already know that the wait time for an interview is about a year the shortest usually several years some people see is a disadvantage I would say it's advantage because it gives you time to prepare for for your interview first of all you need to review your Asylum form from I five eight nine that was filed for you and now I assure you that in absolutely every case the form was filed whether it was prepared correctly or not that's a whole different question but you should have a copy of your form second I hope that you had a statement prepared in support of your Salim case and you will need to review that statement it's very important that the statement accompany is your application because it helps you to focus on on your case is a story and logically connect different parts of your story sometimes people struggle with how they can express themselves how they can explain the events so if you put your thoughts on paper it's usually I would say in my experience it usually would help you third thing that you will need to review is the evidence that were placed in support submitted in support of your application this is also very important part of your application I hope you had some evidence to support what those are it can be police reports very often submitted copies of the police reports copies of medical records copies of letters of support from your witnesses or people who make testifies to what they heard or you told them at the time when the events occurred what they saw and of course country condition reports while you are living in the United States after you filed your application every day is an opportunity for you to collect more evidence to make your case stronger maybe you see an article online when you're browsing the internet that supports your story print it show it to your lawyer if you don't have always save it for yourself okay maybe your friend who used to be in your home country or different country now lives in the United States and the friend is a good witness for you because he or she.