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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing t visa intake questions

Instructions and Help about t visa intake questions

We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us I know it hasn't been easy talking about your experiences do you have any questions for us I don't want to leave you deport me boss say I speak read officer I go I understand those are your concerns look we're not immigration officers but we'll make sure you can talk to someone who can answer those questions for you okay okay yes I understand sure okay I will call you back thank you for the follow-up bye bye hey Sarge Java sec yeah sure what's up remember that trafficking case from seven months ago yeah I just got off the phone with an immigration lawyer she wants me to sign some forms so that her client the victim can apply for a visa I am all for signing the forms under the right circumstances but I'm not going to give citizenship to somebody without knowing what's been going on the past seven months I mean what if she goes out and commits a crime after I sign the forms wait slow down and let's take a look at the form do you have a copy yes sir well today we're talking about immigration laws for victims of crime we're focusing on human trafficking we have a panel of experts today from federal law enforcement and state and local law enforcement thanks for being here okay in the video that we just saw there is a scenario what do police officers need to know before they go into that room what are they trying to learn and were they trying to offer the victims to get the best support and the best help for these people one of the great things that's demonstrated in the video that captures the law-enforcement interview is that you see the officers interviewing the victim in a neutral location at a police department or in an office setting or in a conference room setting and not in the place of exploitation I think a lot of times in the eagerness to get as much information as early as possible there can be a tendency to want to talk to victims and conduct investigative interviews at the place where those victims are first identified or first rescued but what we need to remember is that those victims have been victimized what kind of immigration relief may be available for somebody who's undocumented in they're a victim a victim has identified there's three basic forms of relief that they can request or file for in order to assist law enforcement in that investigation or prosecution that's taking place one of them would be continued presence another is the t visa and the others the U visa one thing that DHS would like to stress is with these TN u law enforcement certifications so the the forms that Mike and local law enforcement Police Department's District Attorneys offices these forms that they'll be signing for these victims.