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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing immigration relief

Instructions and Help about immigration relief

Hello girls welcome to our program on an aggression and you I am your immigration attorney Michael Fulani and once again we have with us my law partner David David welcome thanks so much Michael an interesting program today but before that we let us wish them at the end of this summer almost and schools are bored okay now before again is you know get into the back to the grind it's back to the grind yeah okay so there's something very interesting that some of you may be interested or some of you may want to go to your temples and the priests and all that and give them simply this good news what I'm talking about today is about immigrant visas for religious workers and priests the law before was that in order to qualify for that first of all there has to be a religious institution there which is a nonprofit organization like a temple like a mask like a church and that is a sponsoring that priests are the religious workers so that's on one side so they're them is the same there is no change on that the change is that the requirement was that to qualify the person must have two years of experience in that work being a religious worker or a priest maybe in their home country before coming or after coming but after coming once you are in the US and they it's said that you must be in a lawful status and then only that two year period wouldn't be qualifying period but this change that happens I think by a court decision and then the Department of Homeland Security ever accepted it now implemented that if a person a priest is here and that he is relying upon on the basis of the experience that he gained here in our lawful status that is also okay so I know that several people that came from applying for police or something and they say there they were out of the status but they still got for two years continued to work and we said sorry this experiences gained while you were an unlawful to start is no good now this picture has changed now let me see David as mechanic on this well I think that Michael it's important too it's important for our viewers to understand that while this change is somewhat important it doesn't take away from the fact that the basis for inadmissibility with regard to adjustment have been changed they have not been changed so what essentially this does is Michael profits points out the only change of six months you know what were the the the provision for the employment cases is but in two 45k okay that's right what's there not clarified there 240 Mikey applies even to the religious beliefs here absolutely up to six months if they overstay correct should be fine correct but it was not clear before now.