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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing immigration relief checklist

Instructions and Help about immigration relief checklist

Applause what's up YouTube it's your boy Lloyd from gray law TV I just wanted to go over some of the evidence that should one need for a family or mayor's petition or to get your green card so let's get right into it first thing you're gonna need is approved citizenship or legal permanent residence which is going to be the form of a US passport a u.s. birth certificate or an illegal permanent resident card also known as a green card the next thing that you're going to need is to show the Shu came into the country legally so you can do that by establishing just a copy of the stamp in your passport or you can download an i-94 from the custom the Border Patrol website other than that all applicants are going to need their birth certificates to show either a family relationship whether it's for a parent or child or to show citizenship if the petitioner is a US citizen the next thing you're gonna need is a marriage certificate just to prove the relationship passport photos you're going to need for for the petitioner six for the applicant if you were in the military you're gonna have to distinguish your military records if you had a prior divorce you're going to need to prthe divorce decree the next thing you're gonna need to get done is a medical exam you can go to the website and just type in and find a doctor you put in your zip code and they'll show you the nearest doctor to you after that you're going to also need a co-sponsor for the tax purposes so they can show that you're gonna be supported while the application is being processed in order to do that the sponsor is gonna need to perform his most recent tax documents and a w-2 or 1099 to show his employment if he doesn't have either of those you can always get a letter from his employer or show his bank statements you want to pras much information as possible in the beginning so they don't give what's called a request for evidence towards the end if they do that it tends to slow up the process and you do want to reply to these because your case can be denied if you don't prall the documents for question that's pretty much it when it comes to documents required to get the green card don't forget to Like subscribe and if you have any questions just leave them down in the comment section.