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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing adjustment of status intake form

Instructions and Help about adjustment of status intake form

Hi this is attorney shop Raleigh we're going to go over the application form i-485 how to fill it and we have some dummy names that we're using in this case and you will have you will have a look how to fill the application it's pretty simple straightforward but at the same time a lot of people get to choose the form i-45 itself is for judgment of status it is used for application for not only for arm for family petitions but it's also used for annulment days after you i-140 has been approved file concurrently with the home I 140 or the form i-130 there are many other forms out there that are also involved in this but today we are putting our focus under form i-485 and this is kind of a preview of our upcoming packages that willing to be stallion 13 under market with amido hub kind of explaining to people how they should deal with their the iPhone 5 as you can see here we have used on some some fake teeth at Birth some place of our fake countries of birth and in this case you are filing an application and now the name was at the top of your country of citizenship when we count people have different country of birth and country citizenship so you need to put that and of course a country of birth will also determine how your private data case for example let's say you were your phobia but you are boarding nothing the Middle East so you get no joke you can basically take advantage of that to benefit from a better priority date so make sure that you have improved that controllers and as you see here you have to put the last date of arrival and if you have an i-94 you put it in some people don't have one so you don't have to put on applique I'll example people wondered me we know people who are basically haha and get a little role and things like that you didn't come in - number but you have to put an explanation later and here you have to be also any kind of status service run by the USCIS and what was the law state and now as you can see here will type in guy and usually are the first big number one most of the time any repetition by the five largest statistician citizen and also ultimately if an i-140 is approved you can and of course here there's a processing information country of the city of birth and current occupation oftentimes if you're not working you put unemployed and your mother's first name will come next it's very important to have the right name because that will have to be matched especially if you're dealing with with a petition where they were later on you're going to become a citizen and you will want to file for you for.