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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Asylum index sample

Instructions and Help about Asylum index sample

What kind of evidence you must submit or demonstrate to the asylum office on immigration court to prove your Asylum case first thing I would like to note is that the most important evidence the most important form of evidence for your Asylum case is your testimony is what you say is what you how you answer the questions and how you explain what had happened to you and why you should be granted asylum now in in immigration office it's your it is consist of your declaration of your statement which describes the events and the reasons for applying for asylum and the events in terms of what had happened to you and why you think you would be persecuted in your home country if you return to your home country in the immigration office it's more in the form of question and answer with immigration with the USCIS asylum officer versus an immigration court it's the questions and answers with your attorney or with the DHS attorney or the immigration judge in the context of Asylum evidence can include many things it does not necessarily have to be direct evidence proving every step described in your case or every part of your Asylum story anything you can submit to support your case is helpful this includes parts of your story which do not necessarily contain any details of the persecution what I mean by this is for example let's say that salim applicant claims that he or she has been attacked in a street on the way back from a school or work and and in a story that applicant describes that he or she has been walking from the school or work to home and then this had happened on the way halfway to returning home what would be the best evidence to prove that well the best evidence would be some video recording showing that the applicant has been attacked and clearly persecuted in on the way back well that that's that usually doesn't happen what else can you show that that will support the story well let's say if the applicant has been admitted to hospital or treated after the attack and then you you you could submit medical records demonstrating that and the hospital record could say that actually that the reasons for the injuries or reasons for the condition of the applicant was because he or she was attacked now the story of the hospital records wouldn't say why he was attacked or by whom he was attacked but it would just demonstrate that he had this injuries now this supports the story but it doesn't necessarily support that doesn't necessarily prove or demonstrate that this was the reason why the applicant was attacked what if you don't have medical records or maybe you have relatives or friends who saw what happened and you want to get some affidavits or you want to get some letters from them confirming what happened well.


Why do asylum seekers start their journey from South Columbia to the United States border? Why don't they just land in the U.S.A. via a plane and fill out the asylum form?
Thanks 4 the A2A!I live in Europe and have never tried boarding a plane in Columbia but from what I know, no airline will allow you to board unless you have a US passport or a valid Visa. Also, the tickets are not really cheap and affordable for everyone. Even if you can afford them, you legally can not get on that plane.Just imagine: how great it is when you have all those freedoms! Be grateful that you have the passport that you have and do not even have to think about such trivial things. Not everyone is as lucky.People in misery, regardless if they seek refuge from Central America of Syria or elsewhere, just want to LEAVE all that behind and have the chance to live a normal life somewhere better, somewhere safe. I personally think that the voyage a refugee undertakes is as risky as the wars and problems they are trying to escape from and they should be helped instead of making their sad lives even more hard by rigid administration.Of course, nothing will get better as long as the essential problems aka reasons why they are leaving in the first place, are addressed and solved. But there are interests behind that, groups of people who live of that and they will not give up their positions easily. Almost like some sort of a viscous, endless circle. And it is always normal, “small fish” people that suffer the most.Good luck to all of you who venture on that path!
How do I fill out the Form 102 (ICAI) for an articleship? Can anyone pra sample format?
Form 102 serves as a contract between you and your Principal at work. It becomes binding only when its Franked.Franking is nothing but converting it into a Non Judicial Paper. So u'll be filling in your name, your articleship period and other details and you and your boss(principal) will sign it on each page and at the end. It need not be sent to the institute , one copy is for you and another for your Principal .Nothin to worry..And while filling the form if you have any query , just see the form filled by old articles. The record will be with your Principal or ask your seniors.
What percentage of a total group has to fill out a poll to make it a representative sample?
I’m used to dealing with enormous population in which you don’t look at the percent, but at total absolute numbers.Depends on the margin of error you can accept as well as the proportion you might expect. For example• if you are doing a poll between two candidates for public office and its a 50/50 chance, you can:Error = 1.96 * sqrt (0.5*0.5/Number of people)Number of people = 1.96^2*.5*.5/Error^2Let’s say you want no more than a 3% error. Do the math, you’ll need about 1068 people.Now let’s say you want no more than 3% error but one of the candidates is a neo-Nazi. So now instead of 50/50, maybe you expect a 10/90.Number of people = 1.96*2*0.1*0.9/Error^2The sample drops to 385.As the expected results get close to 0, the number of people you need will drop.Just one other caution - beyond the math, you need to make sure that your sample is large enough to capture the variability of the population. If you’re polling an area that is 100% white rural people, there isn’t much variability. If you’re polling an area that is multiracial, multigender, whatever, there’s going to be a lot of variability in your population. Even if the math says to get a certain number of people, variability = less precision and in those circumstances I would get more than the math requires - just to be on the safe side.
How should I reach out for asylum sponsor to Canada?
Unfortunately, that is not possible. You are not eligible for asylum and you cannot apply for it from Japan. (Assuming your original nationality is Israeli - my best guess based on your scanty personal information - you are not fleeing a state that is trying to kill you.)Asylum is not the get-into-Canada quick and free card that too many people assume it is. It is an option solely for people who are fleeing for their lives, not people who want to country-hop for personal reasons or migrate for economic advantage. (If I sound annoyed - it is because I am. Asylum is designed to be a life saving last resort, not a shortcut. Abusing it is not harmless - it eats up resources and shades public opinion against it, therefore putting the option and those most in need of help at risk.)This is Canada’s position on refugees from the Immigration Canada website. How Canada’s refugee system worksMay I draw your attention to the following line:“The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), along with private sponsors, identifies refugees for resettlement. A person cannot apply directly to Canada for resettlement. “In other words, you cannot declare yourself a refugee. The majority of refugees in the world are involuntarily displaced from their homes, living in camps, and registered with UNHCR. They are not able to return home.I’m reasonably confident you are not registered with UNHCR as a refugee while living in a refugee camp somewhere in Japan.If you truly want to live in Canada, you can apply to immigrate the same as anyone else in the world. Start here and follow the detailed instructions. Canada has a very open and transparent immigration system - if you qualify, you will be invited to come.Immigrate to Canada
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