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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing legal clinic intake form

Instructions and Help about legal clinic intake form

This program is brought to you by Stanford University please visit us at mr. Chief Justice and may it please the court we want and committed to making sure that each and every Stanford Law student has opportunities to enroll in a clinical program and to receive world-class mentoring world-class training in the unique ways that clinics can do clinical education is invaluable there nothing can replace working on something that you own yourself that has real consequences that you need to work on seriously all of the clinics that we set up we want them to to be providing services to people who otherwise couldn't get them we often step in on behalf of indigent criminal defendants plaintiffs in civil rights cases and similar kinds of parties I want to be sort of an old-fashioned attorney the kind of attorney that people can call when they have a problem and the skills that I'm gonna build this semester and the Community Law Clinic will be directly transferable to that kind of practice the great thing about the environmental clinic is we do really big impact litigation this is a really unique experience for law students especially to work on cases with national impact it means having clinics in environmental law and education and immigration and all the different kinds of things that students are interested in my partner and I are working on an asylum case and there are a couple students who are working on legal permanent resident status the strength of clinical education is an educational tool is that it's really the ideal bridge you know you learn all these things in the classroom and and now you can have a context in which you can really do them but you can do them at a pace that's right for where you are in your legal career with a supervisor whose job is to help you learn from that and the clinics are the way that students get to engage in self reflective practice of law while they're still in law school this year we had as many cases in front of the Supreme Court has any law firm in the country other than the Solicitor General who represents the United States our students really can hit the ground running wherever they land whether it's government whether it's the private sector whether it's a public interest job after having worked on the case to see it go from sort of start to finish and wait for the Supreme Court's decision is just a fantastic opportunity that we wouldn't otherwise get and I think if you talk to the students who've been through the clinic or now out there in the world they to a person will tell you this is where they learned how to do the kind of legal writing that they're going to do for the rest of their careers and they learned how to work as part of a team in the.