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The I LRC was created when Bill Haines recognized the need for legal services not only to represent immigrant clients but also to supply legal advice to community-based organizations providing services to immigrants to help fill this void bill started the law school immigration clinic at golden gate university within a few years the clinic became a nonprofit corporation adopting the name immigrant legal resource center and expanded its mission to include engaging immigrants to become more active in civic life and influence the issues that affect them that was three decades ago both the world and immigration policy have become increasingly complex since then you it was during the Iranian hostage crisis when Iranians took captive certain United States citizens and it became a huge international issue and the United States decided to to take that out on innocent Iranians who had nothing to do with the take over there the hostages as reprisal their student visas were cut off and many many repercussions for students here at that time there were very few nonprofit organizations to megan's rights work and there was a real need for legal services bill with somebody who would really fight hard on behalf of immigrants rights I was working with the National Lawyers Guild at the time and the guild and what became I lrc through bill and other organizations I decided to file a suit against the United States government for the actions that was taking against Iranian students in this country the case is very important because immigration in this country I've always felt has always been the domestic arm of US foreign policy and bill was willing to take a stand show leadership get a team of lawyers together and really take on the United States government and the case went all the way to the United States Supreme Court step the groundwork for eventually changing some of the policy against Iranian students in this country and was really taking a very important political stand saying whatever you're doing foreign policy wise don't have that affect people in this country that had no responsibility for that and Bill's want to take that stand lawyers often describe Asylum cases as in essence being death penalty cases because if the decision that's made is incorrect you're essentially sending somebody back to face a situation which could result in their death I NS versus cardosa Fonseca as a landmark Supreme Court case that set the standard for asylum cases loose cardosa Fonseca applied for asylum based on the fact that her brother had been politically active in Nicaragua and had initially been involved with the Sandinistas but later came to oppose them he had been cuted and she believed that she was going to be harmed as well because of her family relationship and the political opinion that she was assumed to have because of her relationship to her brother the case went to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after losing.