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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing civil client intake form

Instructions and Help about civil client intake form

Hey everybody I'm attorney Jason McGrath how are you today I've been a litigator for almost 20 years now and we're going to talk about a litigation issue specifically requests for admission request for admission are one of the most dangerous things in a lawsuit and probably one of the most underutilized tools basically a request for admission is asking another party to admit or deny something and really what you're asking them to do is is to admit it so for example if I were to say please admit that you sign the contract entitled you know X Y Z and presumably that lawsuit perhaps the issue of whether the other parties actually signed it or not maybe they're saying they didn't sign it well you want to phrase it in a way such that they admit it or deny it but the key thing is to realize that if they don't respond then they are deemed to have admitted so you want to think about every request for admission if it's not responded to it's going to be deemed admitted and so you want to phrase it accordingly now these admissions or these denials potentially but really especially the admissions can be used in a lawsuit typically in almost any way that you could use other information in fact if something's admitted or it's not responded to and so the court deems it basically to have been admitted by not responding to it that pretty much concludes that point barring some other action by the court so again going back to that example if you say you know please admit that you sign this contract then you name the contract you know on such-and-such day if they admit it there's that admits it then they they really at that point don't have any good basis to go back and say well no no no way we didn't we didn't sign that you can at that point rely on the fact they've admitted it now if you're on the other side and you're receiving requests for admissions you need to be very very careful with how you respond because typically you know those requests for admissions if they're done well try to box you in to basically admit all of the things that the other side needs to prove to win their lawsuit so requests for admissions underutilize very very dangerous you know govern the rules of procedure at Civil Procedure and also cases that have talked about it so if you're going to you know initiate a lawsuit or if you're in one and you should absolutely be propounding requests for admissions if you're on the other side you need to be very very careful with how you respond and by the way there's typically a 30-day deadline to respond so I hope that is helpful to you if you have any questions just let us know and maybe we can help you with your lawsuit Thanks.