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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing asylum affidavit questions

Instructions and Help about asylum affidavit questions

What happens at in this eylem interview hi i'm jim hacking immigration and Asylum attorney practicing law here in st. Louis Missouri the asylum process takes a very long time at the outset we work with our clients to develop a lot of evidence to show that they are going to suffer persecution if they return back to their home country and we do that by getting testimony through affidavits which are signed sworn statements under oath that demonstrate that if the person returns to their home country they're going to be persecuted based on one of the five prohibited reasons and we do that by developing more evidence from country conditions we get sometimes expert testimony or country reports that show from either from the State Department or new stories that show what happens to the type of people that are silent applicant is if they're in that home country and then we try to demonstrate either past persecution on the part of the person seeking asylum that they've been persecuted because of one of the conditions that they have or memberships that they have and then after that we wait an asylum application gets filed with the asylum office and someone gets fingerprinted shortly thereafter and the asylum offices are very backlogged right now there's been a real upsurge in Sam applications and so there are cases that are waiting at least a year for an interview so that year does give us an opportunity to develop more evidence that we can present at the interview it also allows us to prepare our clients for an interview so what do we tell our clients when they come in to prepare interview well we instruct them that when they go into the interview that their job is to answer questions they want to tell their story and this is a little bit more conversational than a typical interview on a sila map asylum interview is not supposed to be adversarial that is the asylum officer is not supposed to be grilling the person and asking lots of tough questions instead it's supposed to be a back-and-forth where the asylum officer is a neutral observer they're not trying real hard to keep someone out and they're not trying to go hard to get someone in there supposed to be an honest broker and to demonstrate the fairness in the entire proceedings so when you go to your salim interview obviously the most important thing is to tell the truth at the very beginning you'll have your hand up and you'll be sworn under oath to tell the truth and then you'll tell your story asylum officer will have you lots of questions about what persecution you suffered in the past why you think you're going to be persecuted I always ask my clients what would happen if you got off the plane tomorrow and ask them to envision that to describe that to outline the things that would happen.