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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing law office intake form template

Instructions and Help about law office intake form template

Hi guys how you doing Monday morning never been so excited to be here right so just background myself my name is Michael Jason what I'm here today to do is to make sure after a half an hour of doing this that we all kind of gather ourselves and say what can we do about our client intake process to make it better more streamline more efficient better for the client experience so that's what we're really going to focus on today so I want to kind of get a gauge of you know the audience and what you guys are going through and what kind of stuff you're working with so I'm gonna go one by one and just raise your hand if you use it case management software I'm sure most people Cleo okay good anyone use intake management here okay good a couple you both only a handful of you what about none all right so the current intake landscape is pretty interesting right now and it's kind of evolving I feel like the intake landscape is kind of what the case management landscape was eight years ago when kind of Cleo was coming into the mix all the right now the whole focus is on case management right Cleo is obviously a big product there's my case rock no matter all those guys out there and everyone's focusing on the case but once everyone has forgotten about is step one of the case which is the client intake process right where do you first meet someone where do you first talk to them so we're gonna focus on that but a lot of what's happened is there's been a limited use of technology a lot of people are doing stuff with like paper intake forms PDFs kind of like you're walking into a you know a doctor's office and having to fill out this long paperwork my first job was with the Department of Justice doing bankruptcy work and I remember seeing an intake form that was 47 pages long and I'm like who the hell is gonna possibly fill this out so we're gonna go through that and kind of you know how to streamline those processes and some tools that are applicable to your practice that are gonna help you with that another thing that kind of you know is you know identifiable in it right now and I'm sure you guys can all identify with this is that it's a very slow and cumbersome process and there's also not repeatability right one of the things that Jack and you know all the technology companies are really doing is about scalability right Airbnb being able to go from you know a thousand homes to a hundred thousand homes with within a couple months right how does Cleo go from a thousand customers to 150,000 active users because they have technology that they can utilize to do that so we're going to talk.