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What are some interview hacks? I am in a circulation job working as a sales officer. This month is the financial year end, so collection is important. I even report to my manager if a particular center is not paying its outstanding.
Well, not sure if someone already has given this answer , but would try to explain this in the simplest diagram way!So, have a look :Ok, next!Then, what to do?? Come to hackYes, somehow you have to draw his attention to your strength zone and once he enters your zone you gonna rock again . But, if you stick to interviewer zone, and don't try to make a way to your strength zone, you are screwed!!Example time :DI 'll give you my example. ABB technical interview, strength zone - machines and power system, weak zone - power electronics, analog and list goes on‡ interviewer =I , Me = C ( candidate )I : what is a rectifier and what are its various types. How can you use it in an advanced control system?( rectifiers are from electronic , me literally screwed as it was not from my strength zone )So, will apply my hack and try to pull him in zone B by making a way to my zone.C : sir, I 'll explain from a typical electrical point of view. Modern day rectifiers are being used as HVDC compounding and large efforts are made in tuning control system too for this purpose. ( completely, an absurd answer :p )I : HVDC !!! Ok, what do you know about hvdc and how it is less expansive then HVAC transmission system( yes, yes, yes and this is how he just entered my strength zone I.e Power system )C : ( well ,no need to write the actual answer as this would only bore you )Result = selected.*One of my most successful hacks*
As a member of the LGBTQ community how important would it be to you to have a space on doctor’s intake forms to indicate your preferred pronouns?
Well, I'm happy to help with demographic collection. I do feel more at ease as it's an indication they care at least somewhat, and gives me a chance to avoid being accidentally misgendered.However, the current state of forms is laughable.A simple write-in would be a lot better than the gender puzzles they have nowadays.They're trying to be inclusive, but they don't really know how trans people work.For instance, if they have◻ Man◻ Woman◻ TransgenderAnd you are instructed to only choose one.Cis vs trans and man vs woman are two different questions. This is like saying, are you blonde, brunette, or left-handed?Just because someone is trans doesn't mean they can't be a man or woman.For instance, I generally identify as a trans man. What do I pick? I can only choose one.Making a choice requires me to make many assumptions about the facility's meaning and understanding, and possibly forces me to misgender myself.If you need demographic information, a write-in is good. If that's too sloppy, at least make it make sense.For instance:◻Check if you identify as trans or with a trans history.Gender◻Man◻Woman◻Other - Multiple - N/AThere you go. I don't know a single person who would have trouble with that form. (Feedback welcome in the comments!)Pronouns are very simple with write-ins. But for ease of use, you can add some defaults.◻He◻She◻They◻____________________That should makes things a lot smoother.
How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?
I was selected for a summer internship 2016.I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join.I even was very open in the  location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience).Do a search on the potential team.Before the interviews,  try to find smart question that you are going to ask for the potential host (do a search on the team  to find nice and deep questions to impress your host). Prepare well your resume.You are very likely not going to get algorithm/data structure questions like in the first round. It's going to be just some friendly chat if you are lucky. If your potential team is working on something like machine learning, expect that  they are going to ask you questions about machine learning, courses related to machine learning you have and relevant experience (projects, internship). Of course you have to study that before the interview. Take as long time as you need if you feel rusty. It takes some time to get ready for the host matching (it's less than the technical interview)  but it's worth it of course.
How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.
Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.
How do you fill out a car accidet release form, and what purpose does it serve?
If this is a release given to you by the insurance company, it is a contract regarding your settlement. You are agreeing to accept a stated amount of money in exchange for releasing all claims arising out of the accident. After you sign the release and send it back to the insurance company, they will send you a check for the stated amount. The release ends the claim.If that is not what you meant, or if you have other detailed questions, please elaborate.
Where can I get a copy of the intake form Immigration Services fills out when someone wants to enter the United States?
If you’re asking for copies of the forms that you will be asked to fill out on the plane I believe they are the I-94 and 6059B forms. They are here in various languages: Print-ready layouts for CBP forms i-94, 5129, and 6059B