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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Personal injury interview form

Instructions and Help about Personal injury interview form

Music hey guys dr. Jason will March here thanks for watching this video today having a very very special guest pi/8 Ernie John R is bold thanks for coming John hey thanks for having me umm tell me tell me what personal injury is a lot of people hear those words they don't really know so why don't you just tell people what it is exactly yeah so I hope people who were hurt through no fault of their own they're in a car accident they fall they're the victims of somebody else's negligence or carelessness how long you in a dream for so I've been doing this for about eight years and I've been helping people I started out working for insurance companies actually and hated it and realized I didn't like it at all and started working for people about four years ago absolutely that's why we're doing this video because I want people to know that guys like this are the good guys and they're here to help so we're gonna ask them some questions and if you have any questions you guys go is comment below and we're gonna get these ass with you so tell me why somebody should have an attorney after after a car accident or some kind of injury sure well for the same reason that you wouldn't perform surgery on yourself what I do every day is I wake up and I dress myself an insurance red tape and I negotiate with insurance companies and argue with insurance companies to try to help my clients recover their medical bills their lost wages recover for pain and suffering for loss of normal life the things that we're not able to enjoy when you're injured oftentimes insurance companies are looking to quickly settle your case for as little as possible interestingly insurance companies have done study after study after study and it shows that when you hire an attorney the insurance company actually pays three to four times more on a case and if people try to settle it on their own I hope you guys caught that so and this happened not to myself personally but to my wife when she was in a car accident very very quick they're like hey you heard you're not that hurt we'll give you this settlement my wife was like oh I didn't even know I could get a settlement it was something that was very very low she felt like a thousand bucks after she was rewriting real hard and the case value is much higher than that but of course they offered her or something way less and they got away with it so what he's saying is that when in an accident like there's a there's a value to that right like that's different no different than if somebody's house burns down if your house is worth the quarter-million dollars and the insurance company comes back and says we'll give you.


What are some skills that every 18-year-old needs to survive in life?
Oh my gosh, I love this question.  I'm going to spend a lot of time on this answer!Financial Skills:  How to open a checking and savings accountHow to balance a checkbook, emphasizing the use of debit cards and how banks process transactions"Credit" - What is it, how do you build it, how do you repair itCredit Cards - How interest works, how to take advantage of rewards and balance transfersLoans - What are the different kinds of loans, how do you get them, and what's involvedInvestments - What is the stock market and how does it work, what are Treasury Bonds, and what's an IRA.  How do those things factor into a wise investment strategy for your retirement?Taxes - How taxes work, what deductions are, how to file a 1040EZ formTipping - How to quickly calculate a tip and split a tab at a restaurantHow to read a contract and interpret "fine print"Health Skills:Medical Insurance - how it works, what it costs, how to get itHow to fill out common medical and dental formsHow to find a general practitioner, dentist, and so onBasic First Aid - CPR, the Heimlich, how to treat minor injuriesHome Skills:How to cook!  You don't need to be on Master Chef, but learning how to cook a few basic dishes, how to use a knife properly, use basic kitchen appliances, and so on.How to clean!  I have no idea how so many kids don't know how to vacuum, sweep, dust, do dishes, make a bed, and clean and fold laundry.How to grocery shop - picking fresh fruit and vegetables, planning your shopping and meals, etc.How to use hand tools - hammers, axes, handsaws, et ceteraHow to move - opening or transferring utility accounts, moving companies, apartment and home leases.How to sew a button onHow to fix a running or clogged toilet.Life Skills:How to plan and budget your time!How to think critically.Negotiation - Preparation, discussion, clarification, negotiate, agreement, and implementation.Leadership!  Vision, strategy, people skills, managementCONFLICT RESOLUTIONStress management!Problem solving!Study Skills:OrganizationTime managementFinding legitimate sourcesNote-takingCritical readingEssay planning and compositionAcademic referencingHow to use search engines effectively!Employability Skills:How to write a resume and a cover letterHow to interviewProfessional communications skills (both written and verbal)Interpersonal skills in a professional environmentProfessional developmentPublic speaking!How to use a computer - Windows, Google, and MS Office basics at a minimumPersonal:How to interact with the policeHow to tie a tie!How to iron clothesHow to establish a healthy exercise routineHow to maintain proper personal hygeine and groomingMANNERS - It varies from culture to culture, but the underlying principles of all manners remain constant: a respect for others, and a desire to treat all people with honesty and consideration • just as you’d like to be treated.Alcohol:Knowing your limitsHow to mix a basic set of drinksTravel: How to book airline tickets and hotelsHow to pack wellHow to travel lightAutomotive:How to drive - Actual skilled instruction on driving, a la Teen Safety & Survival - Skip Barber Racing School, both automatic and manual transmissionsThe basics of how a car worksThe basics of car maintenanceHow to change a tireHow to parallel parkHow to jump start a carWhat to do if you get into an accidentRead a road mapSex:Comprehensive sexual education including the vectors and effects of sexually transmitted infections, what are and how to use the various forms of contraception, what is PrEP, etc.The Campsite Rule - Leave them in better condition than you found themSafe, Sane, and Consensual - How to have safe sex, do it while you're sober, and with full informed consent from your partner.
How much can you get away with in life simply by acting like you're supposed to be doing it?
I’ll give you three examples from my own life. Your mileage may vary.First story: A long time ago I was in Boston wearing a suit (probably for a job interview). I was just out of college or about to graduate. One of my friends was with me and noticed the Federal Reserve Bank within walking distance. So we went in and acted like we belonged there. We went up to a random floor and walked around. That was all we had the courage to do. But I suppose we could have found a conference room, sat down, and others could have joined us. Who knows what mayhem would have resulted? We will never know. Nobody even noticed us nevermind challenged us. I’m sure these days it’s different.Second story: I was attending a concert by a Christian band Newsboys on their “Love Liberty Disco” tour where the concerts were in an inflatable dome set up in a parking lot. (It was actually pretty cool.)Looking for the “entrance” to buy tickets we (about 5 or 6 of us) walked around and found ourselves in some lunch area. Then we noticed the band’s bass player eating fried chicken. Oops. We were back stage.Being adventurous, we didn’t leave but instead doubled down. We said little and kept walking until we were in front of the dome by the entrance (but inside the ticket gate). We saw a group forming and joined them. Turns out they were radio station contest winners, we followed them into the dome and saw the crew setting up.Realizing that we’d be found out staying with the contest winners, we broke off and milled around the stage area. Then we began to worry and headed outside. On the way we heard “hey you! What are you doing?” We were busted. But it was the stage manager and he was short a few roadies. He said instead of standing around he needed help. A couple of us (not me) went and helped set up the stage.When that was done we fessed up. The stage manager escorted us to the ticket gate and we paid (from the inside) for our general admission tickets. Then we were the first to get in officially. It pays to stay cool, quiet, and to help when asked.Third story: A friend of mine was deathly ill in the hospital and was recovering from a traumatic injury. After he finally got out of ICU (40 days there) and stabilized, I wanted to take him out of his room, outside to breath the fresh air, to visit the ICU nurses, and maybe to the cafeteria. He had some equipment to keep with him but it was portable and battery operated if I could find a wheelchair.The resident finally came by and, after I pleaded, told me the patient was good to take a little trip if I could get the wheelchair. It’s a hospital, right? You’d think they were just sitting around but not so.I had been at this hospital for months visiting every day and learned some things. Like where the supply room was and how to fill out a requisition. I filled one out, signed for myself, went down to supply and got a brand new collapsible wheelchair assigned to my friend. I looked like I knew what I was doing and the supply person never blinked or questioned me.The nurses were amazed and laughing when I brought it up. We kept that wheelchair until my friend left the hospital. Nobody questioned who ordered it. In case you are going to ask: No, I have no idea if they charged for it.Most people will assume you belong somewhere if you simply look like you know what you’re doing.
How do I schedule a US visa interview of two people together after filling out a DS160 form?
Here is a link that might help answer your question DS-160: Frequently Asked QuestionsFor more information on this and similar matters, please call me direct: 650.424.1902Email: heller@hellerimmigration.comHeller Immigration Law Group | Silicon Valley Immigration Attorneys
How can someone get a translator for a USA tourist visa interview? Is there any form to fill out or do they give a translator during interview time?
The officer who interviews the visa applicant will usually speak and understand the most common local language. If not, another officer or a local conemployee will probably be able to translate. If the language is obscure enough, the conofficer might still find, somewhere in the embassy/consulate, an employee who has it.I remember an instance when the only employee who spoke both the primary local language and the very rare language of the visa applicant was one of the oldest, shyest, most reticent, lowest-level gardeners. He was so proud of the officers• need of and appreciation for that rare skill that one time, that he began to dress better, stand straighter, feel and act more confident, and volunteer for and learn from special, complicated jobs. He eventually earned a permanent promotion to head gardener and did an excellent job at it.
Is there a form to be filled out before the IIM Indore IPM interview (2022)?
Yes, you must have received an email by now containing the various requirements for sparing in the interview. It also contains the link to download the form to be filled for the interview.
Is there a form to be filled out before the IIM Indore IPM interview?
Yes,you are required to appear for the selection process with the following documents (self-attested photo copy and original).1. IPM Aptitude Test Admit Card2. Filled in IPM Interview form (Attached) Interview Form IPM 2016.pdf3. Identity Proof original and self-attested of (School/Institute ID, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, UID identification Affidavit). Please note that e-Adhar Card will not be considered.4. Originals and self-attested photocopy of following academic mark sheets and certificates.o 10th Std. or equivalento 12th Std. or equivalent5. Originals and self-attested photocopy of SC/ST/OBC-NC/PWD certificates (if applicable)
During a B1/B2 visa interview, I was asked to fill out the DS-5535 form introduced recently and was told to send it back by email. The interviewer gave me back my passport (needed to fill the form). What experience have people had with this form?
It is a little bit on the privacy invasive side but nobody is forcing anyone to fill it out. If your visit to the US is important and you have nothing to hide, you just have to fill it out. If not, you chose not to travel to the USA.
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