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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing personal injury interview form

Instructions and Help about personal injury interview form

Music hey guys dr. Jason will March here thanks for watching this video today having a very very special guest pi/8 Ernie John R is bold thanks for coming John hey thanks for having me umm tell me tell me what personal injury is a lot of people hear those words they don't really know so why don't you just tell people what it is exactly yeah so I hope people who were hurt through no fault of their own they're in a car accident they fall they're the victims of somebody else's negligence or carelessness how long you in a dream for so I've been doing this for about eight years and I've been helping people I started out working for insurance companies actually and hated it and realized I didn't like it at all and started working for people about four years ago absolutely that's why we're doing this video because I want people to know that guys like this are the good guys and they're here to help so we're gonna ask them some questions and if you have any questions you guys go is comment below and we're gonna get these ass with you so tell me why somebody should have an attorney after after a car accident or some kind of injury sure well for the same reason that you wouldn't perform surgery on yourself what I do every day is I wake up and I dress myself an insurance red tape and I negotiate with insurance companies and argue with insurance companies to try to help my clients recover their medical bills their lost wages recover for pain and suffering for loss of normal life the things that we're not able to enjoy when you're injured oftentimes insurance companies are looking to quickly settle your case for as little as possible interestingly insurance companies have done study after study after study and it shows that when you hire an attorney the insurance company actually pays three to four times more on a case and if people try to settle it on their own I hope you guys caught that so and this happened not to myself personally but to my wife when she was in a car accident very very quick they're like hey you heard you're not that hurt we'll give you this settlement my wife was like oh I didn't even know I could get a settlement it was something that was very very low she felt like a thousand bucks after she was rewriting real hard and the case value is much higher than that but of course they offered her or something way less and they got away with it so what he's saying is that when in an accident like there's a there's a value to that right like that's different no different than if somebody's house burns down if your house is worth the quarter-million dollars and the insurance company comes back and says we'll give you.