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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing consultation intake form

Instructions and Help about consultation intake form

Hi this is Billy terrassa for modern law and my practice I have essentially spent all day working on in taking consultations my office manager Katelyn who's my right hand is in Toronto meeting with our Canadian team that does all of the phone answering for modern law and all of the clients I've bought in my practice so they do all of the client intake and Katelyn is there working on some training they've brought on a lot of new people in order to handle the firm's that were working with and the increased call lynnium that we have and there's nothing like you know kind of old-fashioned on the ground training and so I spent a hour with them on video doing calls and I have a certain way that I want these calls handled and I have also you know pretty specific way that I want our consultations handled and I feel very strongly that we're not selling people that we are and this is a contradiction because on one hand I absolutely want us fully engaged in the sales process but what I don't want is for my intake team to be convincing people to schedule in law or any of the other firms that we work with that's simply not an effective way to make someone want to work with you so instead I want them fully engaged in the conversation I want them to be the most available best friend someone could ever have on the end of the phone and we did a few role plays and in one of them Katelyn who's in Toronto was was role playing with me and she was talking about this thing and you know going on and on and I was I was the phone answering person pretending to be and I will not say let's get you scheduled let's get you in I I will wait until she says well how do I get in with you until I offer that instead I'm right with her in the in whatever conversation she's having so she was describing a husband that had cheated on her and she wasn't sure what to do and she did it for me shinden it's it almost makes sense for me to prthat as an example or an example of what I think a perfect intake color should look like but then also I was working with my attorneys on consultations and so it's it's a similar philosophy I break the initial consultations into three steps step one is breeding and when you're greeting the client you want to this is your only chance to make a first impression so you want to be exactly what they expected you to be as an attorney you want to be confident in what I have but posture you are smiling would find them you want to say hello Jeff it is so great to meet you I'm glad you're here let's.